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Aloe Blacc and a string-quintet (Plugged)

28 Jul

My day is never complete until I’ve visited one of my favorite musically inclined blogs. Whether I have 20 minutes or 2 minutes to spare, I always find time to listen in on anything new, anything unfamiliar, anything inspiring.

I recently came across a series of videos starring the spark of soul, Mr. Aloe Blacc. (Thanks to HypeTrak.com) He is backed by a string-quintet and a phenomenal piece of artwork. I forgot about everything I was supposed to be doing at that moment and was cultivated by what was feeding my eyes and ears. It isn’t everyday that you stumble upon something that immediately gives you goosebumps; it brought tears to my eyes.

His voice is so raw and unique and in a phase where our stereos are filled with monotone rappers and whiney R&B singers, Aloe Blacc shines light on what genuine talent truly is.

Without doing as much research as I should to have created this blog post, I can at least tell you this. What you’re about to watch has been carefully put together and includes what they quote as “a painter, a composer and a singer.” No percussion and all strings, if only we could hear more singers within this ambiance we would be able to distinguish the real artists out there.

Here are the videos from “Moments with ALOE BLACC, Mihalj “MIKI” Kekenj & JAYBO.” I plead with you now to take the time to watch and take in all six of them.

I think what is so magical about this whole creation is the fact that these are artists who are just doing what they love. Putting their entire heart and soul into the music, forgetting that anything else around them even exists: the camera, the lights, the crowd.

I look forward to more performances like this. Rumor has it, Erykah Badu is up next…swoon!

Paix et d’amour, Mear


Studio Videos of some great artists. Cue goosebumps!

28 Jun

Music to me is so moving and in a matter of seconds can assist me with whatever I’m feeling, while on the contrary, escape me from any mental or emotional state I don’t want to be in.

Here are some videos that have taken my breathe away. There is something about raw studio footage that is so mesmerizing, words can’t even describe how it makes me feel inside. My body floods with chills, bringing on emotions that only exist in the depths of my soul, surfacing tears of both joy and sorrow. I hope the three that I picked out for you give you the same feeling they gave me.

Bon Iver – I Can’t Make You Love Me/ Nick of Time (Cover)

Submotion Orchestra – All Yours

Sara Bareilles – Gravity

Music is my drug.

Happy Listening, Mear.

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