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Gimme Gimme…More!

19 May

I’m taking a quick break from my outdoor duties of pressure washing the deck and fertilizing the lawn on this beautiful sunny Seattle day, to quickly post what I’m listening to. After all, I can’t possibly get any of this crap done without music playing. The neighbors are probably ready to come over and shoot me, but I could care less.

Without any descriptions or background information, here are the mixtapes I’m admiring at the moment.

Dj Scene – Epic Shine (2010)

Dj JayCeeOh (and many others) – Super 7 Vol. 3

Keys N Krates – Almost 39 Minutes

I really hope you are all out enjoying this amazing weather.

Happy Downloading, Mear

Ps. I’m obsessed with the SoundCloud App. I just turn on my favorites and let it play on!


Mixtapes…Come and get ’em

12 May

Last week I posted 3 mixtapes, and although I have no idea if anybody actually went and downloaded them, my views began to increase and I can only hope that you are all enjoying the goods. I’m back this week with a few more for you, all with a very different feel from last weeks.

First up is Dj EvilOne. I had the opportunity of spending a few days with this guy, and I am not lying when I say I did not stop laughing the entire time. He is truly one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and is ridiculously smart. His tweets are hilarious, I recommend you follow him.

Dj Evil One – Lewd Attitude

Next is his LA partner in crime, Dj Steve1der. I was musically introduced to this guy a few years ago, when a friend was playing a Nate Dogg mix. If you don’t go and download that right now, then get off my blog!

But seriously, he is a very talented dj. Here is one of my favorite mixtapes by him.

Dj Steve1der – The Book of Love

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a mixtape that I have played 4 times in the last week, while attempting some spring cleaning. Download this, open your windows, and I guarantee you will be satisfied.

Dj Nature – FoPo Volume 1

Now, all we need is some sunshine. I’m ready to sit on my deck with mimosas and good tunes.

Mwah, Mear

Mear’s Favorite Mixtapes

5 May

If there’s one thing that is constant throughout my daily life, it’s music. I feel that every moment can be enhanced with the right soundtrack. I’ve always filled up blank cd’s with my favorite tracks, old and new, but there is something so wonderful about turning on a mix that someone of expertise has put together.

Whether I’m cleaning my house, studying for an exam, driving to Seattle or working out at the gym, there’s always a new mix playing. Some of these have been given to me by friends and others I’ve stumbled on myself. I encourage you to listen and download. Also, click on the links provided for more great music from these guys.

The Dream (30 min live) – FourColorZack
Fourcolorzack is a dj from Seattle, who in my opinion is completely underrated; everything he creates blows my mind.

Next up, is U-Tern. I have not yet done my research on him, but when my friend sent me his remix of Stevie Wonder’s “Do I do“, I had to hear more.

One Day Later Radio – Best of 2010 – U-Tern

Lastly for this blog, it’s only fair that I pay respect to the dj that introduced me musically to the 2 above, Risk One. I met him in 2005 and have been intrigued ever since. Here is his latest mixtape, Robot Ears Volume 2… enjoy and make sure you turn the volume up!

Robot Ears Mixtape Vol. 2 – Dj. Risk One

In writing this blog, I got the idea of making this a weekly post. Hope you come back next week.

Music can change one’s moment; Music can change one’s day; Music can change one’s life.

Love, Mear

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