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The heartbroken; we all have our days.

2 Mar

Some would argue that I’m choosing to sit inside on this rainy Seattle day, listening to the sounds of heart-ache. Many think sorrow is a choice and we should so easily perk up and be thankful for our lives each day. I’d like to argue that facing the day with glistening eyes and hopeful thoughts isn’t easy when your heart has been stomped on harder than a 4 year old in a blustery mud puddle. I will admit, I’ve done my fair share of stomping, so this isn’t exactly a pity party, but rather a brief moment of despair.

I’m a bit of a dramatic, I’ve now listened to Fiona Apple’s rendition of “Why Try To Change Me Now” over 5 times today, and will next move on to Natalie Merchant’s version of “One Fine Day”. I allow myself these moments of gloom every now and then, because on the outside I always try to seem like the strong link; the backbone for all of my friends; the positive inspiration when others are feeling down, but holding it in can only go on for so long.

Once I get it out of my system, my sense of humor comes back and I laugh at the thought of even allowing myself to be sad for a second. I’m sure many can relate to this </3 Enjoy this one.

*huge sigh* Mear
Fiona Apple – Why Try To Change Me Now (written by Cy Coleman)

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