Mixtapes…Come and get ’em

12 May

Last week I posted 3 mixtapes, and although I have no idea if anybody actually went and downloaded them, my views began to increase and I can only hope that you are all enjoying the goods. I’m back this week with a few more for you, all with a very different feel from last weeks.

First up is Dj EvilOne. I had the opportunity of spending a few days with this guy, and I am not lying when I say I did not stop laughing the entire time. He is truly one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and is ridiculously smart. His tweets are hilarious, I recommend you follow him.

Dj Evil One – Lewd Attitude

Next is his LA partner in crime, Dj Steve1der. I was musically introduced to this guy a few years ago, when a friend was playing a Nate Dogg mix. If you don’t go and download that right now, then get off my blog!

But seriously, he is a very talented dj. Here is one of my favorite mixtapes by him.

Dj Steve1der – The Book of Love

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a mixtape that I have played 4 times in the last week, while attempting some spring cleaning. Download this, open your windows, and I guarantee you will be satisfied.

Dj Nature – FoPo Volume 1

Now, all we need is some sunshine. I’m ready to sit on my deck with mimosas and good tunes.

Mwah, Mear


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